About Association

1.      The Registered Association(Non-Profit Organization)


St. Andrew’s SocioReligious Justice, Harmony of  FITA(The Fraternity In Truth Association) INC9885131 NSW Since May 2002.




The purpose of “FITA” is to represent the interests of social justice, Multicultural & religious harmony, and conserve the environment.

We aim to achieve this by working with the network of community services (Local council, the volunteer groups, and other organisation) that seek to promote multicultural and religious harmony amongst participants.




The main activities to conserve the Environment are:

(1) Clean Up the World in September  

(2) Clean Up Australia Day in March

(3) UN World Environment Day in June

(4) National Tree Planting Day in July  

(5) Monthly Clean Up Activities(3rd weekend) to promote volunteer participation and communities involved.


The other Social activities are providing non-violence, socio-justice’s voice and advice to the organisation on broad issues which impact on communities;


       4. Management Organization

       The main Board on Committee Meeting(monthly)

(1)   Foundation Member Advisors

(2)   Secretary

(3)   Treasure

(4)   Business Operating

(5)   Women’s Representative    

(6)   Internal Auditor

(7)   Education/ Research

(8)   Youth Association Representative


Adviser Accountant: Elliott C.K. Kim

Adviser Solicitor :  Samuel S.K. Kim


 5. Fund Management(Non Profit)

 (1) Membership Subscription($10./Month)

 (2) Sponsors Donation Fund

       Bank Account: Bendigo Bank, Strathfield Branch NSW

           Account No: BSB(633000) – 1283 33390                       

           Account Name: St Andrews Socio Religious Justice of FITA


         6. Related Membership(Since 2006)

            UNEP(UN Environment Programme) “Clean Up The World”